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Data Products Lifecycle Process


Identify stakeholders and data requirements to initiate project planning effectively, ensuring all necessary information is accounted for.


Establish clear data contracts outlining roles, responsibilities, and usage guidelines to govern data handling throughout the project lifecycle.


Engage stakeholders in discussions to align on data governance parameters, fostering consensus and incorporating feedback to refine agreements.


Continuously track data movement, usage, and quality to ensure adherence to established contracts and regulatory requirements, facilitating proactive intervention if needed.


Enforce agreed-upon data policies and regulations consistently, implementing measures to mitigate risks and maintain compliance with legal and ethical standards.

Design Data Products
with Aldefi Schemata Studio

Aldefi Schemata Studio is the leading platform for managing complex data models and stakeholder alignment. Discover every crucial data requirement by identifying key players and their needs. Set the stage for defining clear contracts with comprehensive roles, responsibilities and usage guidelines while governing data handling throughout your project.

How Aldefi Schemata Studio Works

Foster true Collaboration by engaging stakeholders in open discussions, gathering feedback, and refining agreements to achieve consensus. With Schemata Studio, you transform data contract design from a cumbersome process into a collaborative journey, ensuring a successful and well-informed project.

Integrate seamlessly with your entire data stack
Continuous Monitor Data Products
Track and monitor changes to your organization's data products with complete transparency and visibility into schema changes, data quality changes & compliance standards.
Continuous Schema Evolution
Schema evolution presents challenges like maintaining backward compatibility, handling data migrations, ensuring data consistency, addressing data validation issues, coordinating schema changes across teams, and managing version control effectively. Aldefi enables continuous monitoring of schema evolution thereby proactively handling these challenges.
Real Time Data Quality Check
Real-time data quality monitoring enables continuous tracking and analysis of data quality as it is generated, processed and stored within your organization. This enables you to identify and address data quality issues as they occur, rather than waiting for data audits or reviews. Aldefi enables organizations to maintain high-quality data and ensure that their decision-making processes are based on accurate, current information.
Anomaly Detection
Anomaly detection is the process of identifying data sets that are different from what is expected, standard, or usual. Aldefi continuously monitors deviations in data sets from the norm and what is stipulated in the data contract, and proactively identifies anomalous suspicious patterns.
Comply with Data Products Sharing & Compliance
Empowering enterprises to safeguard their critical information with unrivaled levels of data security. Full integration into SIEM technologies and gain full visibility into all digital assets.
Regulatory Compliance
Consolidated audit trails help businesses meet regulatory compliance requirements and avoid costly penalties for non-compliance by keeping track of all data changes and access activities.
Zero Trust
Immutable infrastructure with zero trust automatically monitors data sources and keeps source data tamper-proof and capable of detecting future changes.
Full Visibility
Gain full visibility into all your data assets. Reduce the burden of tracking and reporting on all critical and sensitive data across enterprise apps and business processes.
Seamless Data Sharing
Seamless integration with SIEM technologies, including Splunk and Snowflake, to simplify and centralize the management of your organization's data security posture.
Where Enterprise Data Meets Peace of Mind
Protect your data from breaches and unauthorized access. Enhance data practices with data products, strategic contracts, and detailed catalogs with Aldefi Schemata Studio.
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