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Data Governance Platform

Aldefi is the ultimate defender of your enterprise’s sensitive data ensuring it stays unaltered, secure and trustworthy. It is a cutting-edge technology that provides robust solutions for data security.


Providing the necessary measures for accuracy, and consistency of your data, including features like data immutability, policy management and secure third-party integrations.


Aldefi offers reliable data protection assurances for customers operating in highly regulated industries such as finance, health care, manufacturing, SaaS and beyond.


Significantly reduce the risk of schema attacks and prevent unauthorized alterations when data is being exchanged between data producers and consumers.

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Easy and trustless security monitoring
for the modern data stack

Aldefi software provides unparalleled levels of data security, empowering businesses to protect their critical information.

Data Immutability

Empowering enterprises to safeguard their critical information with unrivalled levels of data security. Full integration into SIEM technologies and gain full visibility into all digital assets.

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Audit Trails

Track and monitor changes made to your organization's sensitive data with complete transparency and visibility into data access and modification history.

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Data Contracts

An ideal solution for sharing data externally. Aldefi provides greater transparency into data usage, fostering trust with customers, suppliers, and regulatory bodies.

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Empowering enterprises in a world of infinite Data Producers & Consumers

Aldefi ensures continuous alignment between data consumers and producers, empowering them to make informed decisions with trustworthy data. Companies achieve unparalleled levels of data security, giving them peace of mind that their sensitive information is being protected and driving business outcomes.

Data consumers, also known as data practitioners, are individuals or groups within an organization who use data for analysis, reporting, modelling, or other purposes. They rely on data producers, such as databases or data pipelines, to provide them with accurate and timely data to fulfill their job responsibilities. Data consumers are an essential part of the data ecosystem, as they extract insights and value from the organization's data.

Data producers are entities such as SaaS apps, custom apps, databases, and transaction systems that generate data through user interactions. Developers who build these applications are key data producers, as the apps they create generate data through customer/user interactions. Effective data security requires a clear understanding of both these roles.

Data Governance Platform

“Tracking Data lineage is critical to financial institutions' data audit and risk management functions. Data lineage is scattered all over the silos of the organization. Aldefi, a member of the Enterprise Data Management Council, consolidates unalterable immutability data, audit trails and data lineage including Insider Threats in the Workplace and third-party vendors throughout the entire lineage chain of custody, across the entire Enterprise, and all in one place.”

Fred Cohen

former Chief Data Officer, State Street Bank

“As a SaaS ITSM/ITAM/ITOM/discovery /vulnerability vendor, we want to help our customers have minimal impact from Service Drift, whether it is accidental or otherwise. Service integrity is very critical to our customers. Providing data immutability is utmost important for our critical Service configurations like service maps to ensure better customer experience.”

SreeRam Royyala

CTO, Virma Inc.

“Drug supply chain security act (DSCSA) is here. It demands digital traceability in drug supply chain. One way to achieve this requires maintaining data integrity through data immutability. Aldefi's immutability data fabric helps ensure compliance with this act.”

Sai Kalur

Global Head of R&D Operations, Signant Health

“As a Risk & compliance platform we want to help our clients with risk scores and financial data from various third party vendors. We leverage Aldefi immutable data platform to protect all digital assets which stops the threat of tampering and keeps business continuity at affordable cost!”

Anil Gutta

Director, ENGAIZ Inc

“75% of security breach incidents are caused by insider threats. The most important thing for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies is to understand that data integrity cannot be achieved through access control, encryption and so on. It requires data immutability. Aldefi is the platform that completes data integrity needs for the enterprise by making data immutable and monitoring all changes to data.”

Pavan Chaitanya

Warehouse and DEA Supervisor, Granules Pharmaceuticals

“Insider threats can come from employees, contractors, or partners who have access to the enterprise sensitive information. These threats can result from malicious intent or accidental actions. Using a solution like Aldefi’s data integrity platform customers can prevent data tampering.”

Sri Charan Madhavapeddi

Pre Sales Solutions Engineer, Digital Ocean


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