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Origin Story

The journey of Aldefi began when we encountered sensitive data issues while running our previous company, AutonomIQ (acquired by Sauce Labs), an AI-based no-code test automation SaaS company. Despite implementing robust security practices, including data encryption, stringent access controls, and SOC2 compliance, we realized the difficulty in proving the integrity of our customer's test information. The data, like in most SaaS companies, was stored in file systems and databases, vulnerable to potential hacking and tampering.

Driven by a passion to tackle this universal problem, we engaged in conversations with numerous customers and industry experts. It became clear that the need for a comprehensive solution to protect data from both insider and external threats was critical. With this realization, we founded Aldefi, a company dedicated to addressing data security challenges faced by enterprises worldwide.

At Aldefi, our vision is to provide cutting-edge solutions that go beyond industry standards, ensuring the utmost trust and security for our customers' sensitive data. We are committed to offering innovative technologies and approaches that protect against data tampering, enabling organizations to have complete confidence in their data integrity.

Join us on this transformative journey as we continue to evolve, empowering enterprises to safeguard their valuable data and navigate the ever-changing landscape of data security. Together, we will build a future where data protection is paramount, and organizations can thrive with peace of mind.

Raj Rao - Aldefi
Raj Rao
Co-Founder & COO


Easy and trustless security monitoring for the modern data stack

Aldefi software provides unparalleled levels of data security, empowering businesses to protect their critical information.

Data Immutability

Empowering enterprises to safeguard their critical information with unrivalled levels of data security. Full integration into SIEM technologies and gain full visibility into all digital assets.

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Audit Trails

Track and monitor changes made to your organization's sensitive data with complete transparency and visibility into data access and modification history.

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Data Contracts

An ideal solution for sharing data externally. Aldefi provides greater transparency into data usage, fostering trust with customers, suppliers, and regulatory bodies.

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Why use Aldefi?

In today's data-driven world, the volume and value of enterprise data are growing exponentially. However, this rapid expansion brings forth numerous challenges, including data breaches, unauthorized access, and regulatory compliance issues. As businesses strive to leverage the power of their data, they encounter roadblocks that hinder their progress.

Aldefi presents a transformative solution that addresses these challenges head-on, unlocking the full potential of your data assets. Our comprehensive suite of cutting-edge technologies ensures data integrity, trust, and security, empowering you to harness the true value of your information while mitigating risks.

Embrace the power of Aldefi and position your organization at the forefront of data security and governance. Together, we can revolutionize the way you safeguard and leverage your data, enabling you to drive growth, build customer trust, and navigate the complexities of today's data-driven landscape.

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The definition of data security has expanded as cloud capabilities grow. Now organizations need more complex solutions as they seek protection for not only data, but applications and proprietary business processes that run across public and private clouds.

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