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What is Aldefi?

At the heart of every enterprise lies a vast amount of sensitive data, created by numerous data producers, such as applications and databases, and consumed by various data consumers for different purposes. The journey of this data from producers to consumers is a critical one that requires proper protection at every stage.

This is where Aldefi’s solution comes in. We understand the importance of data integrity, trust, and security for your enterprise. With our cutting-edge technology, we provide data immutability, ensuring that your data remains unaltered and tamper-proof throughout its lifecycle. We also offer a unified audit trail and change tracking mechanism, enabling you to keep track of sensitive data across your enterprise.

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Meet the team

At Aldefi, we recognize the transformative power of data in modern society. As a valuable resource, effective management and control can unlock its full potential and deliver significant benefits across all aspects of our lives — from work to play and everything in between.

Aldefi - Raj Rao

Raj Rao

Co-Founder & COO

Ram Shanmugam - Aldefi

Ram Shanmugam

Co-Founder & CEO

How we help enterprises


Maintain a comprehensive and precise record of all business transaction logs and continuously monitor the integrity of transaction data across your business.

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Build accuracy and reliability with your data across various sources, applications, and systems. Keep track of its lineage and change throughout the data pipeline.

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Create trust and verifiable transaction data sets, We help you enable instant creation of audit-ready reports for compliance and resolving data breaches.

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Join the team!

At Aldefi, we're driven by innovation to enhance enterprise security. We foster a culture of creativity and encourage our team to challenge conventional thinking, push boundaries, and shape the future. Join us to become a part of the forefront of enterprise data security and governance.

Remote friendly

We offer the necessary resources and infrastructure to facilitate global remote work. As a team that has been fully distributed from the start, we prioritize supporting our members worldwide and fostering an inclusive culture that empowers individuals to excel.

Driving cutting-edge tech

An opportunity for team members to immerse themselves in the cutting-edge realms of data governance, blockchain technology, and AI advancements. Join a forward-thinking environment, where you'll have the chance to learn, contribute, and shape the future of these transformative fields.

Fast-paced environment

Joining the Aldefi team means being a part of a dynamic and fast-paced environment where you'll have the opportunity to work on cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions that solve complex data security challenges.

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“As a SaaS ITSM/ITAM/ITOM/Discovery/Vulnerability vendor, we want to help our customers have minimal impact from Service Drift, whether it is accidental or otherwise. Service integrity is very critical to our customers. Providing data immutability is utmost important for our critical Service configurations like service maps to ensure better customer experience”

SreeRam Royyala

CTO, Virima Inc.

“Drug supply chain security act (DSCSA) is here. It demands digital traceability in drug supply chain. One way to achieve this requires maintaining data integrity through data immutability. Aldefi's immutability data fabric helps ensure compliance with this act”

Sai Kalur

Global Head of R&D Operations, Signant Health

Ready to join the team?

With opportunities for professional development, equity, and a fast-paced work environment, Aldefi is the perfect place to take your career to the next level while making an impact in the exciting field of data security and governance.

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